The Monk® Prayogshala® Research Mentorship Programme in the Social Sciences is an academic endeavor to provide quality  training and assistance to students and professionals in the domain of social science research. We encourage undergraduates,
postgraduates, and PhD aspirants to apply to our programme, which is an opportunity to conduct independent research with guidance from trained Monk® Prayogshala® Research Personnel.


The disciplines currently included in the Mentorship Programme are psychology, economics, sociology, anthropology, linguistics, and gender studies; these domains are inclusive of all their sub-disciplines, ranging from cognitive psychology to
environmental economics. We encourage students to undertake inter- and cross-disciplinary research within these social science domains and support them via quantitative and qualitative methodologies.


The Mentorship Programme requires a commitment of 4 to 6 months, and can be completed alongside other academic engagements. Monk® Prayogshala® encourages students to forge their own learning curve at their own pace, and will provide remote assistance via electronic means and weekly meetings. The Programme will train students in the fundamental and advanced aspects of social science research in India, and includes access to 3-4 workshops in research conducted during the course of the Programme. Students will receive access to Monk® Prayogshala® Workshop and Course Notes, on Fundamentals of Research, Research Proposal and Grant Proposal Writing, Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning, and APA® Style® Academic Writing for Research Publication. Students will also gain access to open source software used by Monk® Prayogshala® personnel. For a list of potential mentors available at Monk® Prayogshala®, click here.

Please note that academic dishonesty or plagiarism of any kind will lead to immediate removal from the Monk® Prayogshala® Research Mentorship Programme.


Applications are welcome throughout the year; however, they will be processed in January and June every year. The Mentorship Programme will commence in January and July every year. The application process will entail submitting a statement of purpose along with an updated CV to Selected applicants will then be invited for an interview.

Statement of Purpose

A statement of purpose should indicate the specific area you want to work within, your research idea, and the rationale for the same. Furthermore, please mention relevant experiences, skills, and reasons for applying to the program. Applicants can incorporate why they think they are a good fit for the Mentorship Programme and their short- and long-term goals after the end of the programme. The word limit for statement of purpose is 750 words. 

Fee Structure

Fees will vary according to the level of engagement sought for:
Students (Undergraduate),
Students (Postgraduate and MPhil), and
PhDs and Professionals