About Monk Prayogshala:

We are a not for profit research institution. We undertake research projects covering the entire research life cycle from proposals to experimentation through to publishing and feedback integration. We work primarily over Indian (IST) and European (UTC) time zones. We respect the confidentiality of our subjects, their activities and expect all research personnel to adhere to the same. We are an equal opportunity employer.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What am I signing up for?
By writing down your details, you are agreeing to participate in research experiment/s that will be conducted by Monk Prayogshala. Your role will be that of research participants. Please note, that signing up on this sheet does not legally tie you to participate in our experiments ; you can choose to withdraw participation at any time.

Are my contact details private?
All details provided on this sheet will be kept private and confidential by the organization, and will not be released under any circumstances.

What am I participating in?
You will be participating in psychology-related research experiments/projects.

Can I participate in multiple experiments?
Yes. You can participate in as many experiments as we request you to come in for.

Can I contribute to your studies as a Volunteer, Author, Intern or other contributor?
If you are interested in applying to the company for any of these positions, please mail in your request and resume to, and we will get back to you regarding the same.

Am I guaranteed to receive a request for participation from you?
No. We may not contact you, depending on our need. However, we will contact you when we require your participation for a study.

Which experiment/research will I get to participate in?
You will be participating in psychology-related research and experiments. However, the exact nature, topic and field of the experiment will not be disclosed to you prior to your participation. These details will be divulged only after you have accepted your role as a participant.

Can I choose which research I want to be a part of?
No, you cannot choose which research you want to be a part of. For confidential reasons, we cannot disclose the experiments that we will be conducting. However, you can choose to withdraw your participation from any experiment – both before the experiment, as well as during the course of the experiment.

Will participating affect my health or well being?
No. None of our experiments are harmful – psychologically or physically.

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*Legal Disclaimer:
By providing your demographic and contact details to us, you agree that we may communicate with you to inform you of dates, times, of future studies, research, experiments and other activities relevant to your demographic information. You will be able to unsubscribe from such communication at any time in the future. You agree that providing us with your contact information and demographic details does not guarantee that we will communicate or allow you to participate in emerging studies, research, experiments and other activities conducted by our organization. You agree that signing up as a Participant with our research organisation creates no fiduciary relationship between yourself and the organisation, and we may choose to strike your name from our Participant Pool at our discretion. By signing up, you agree that you are
above eighteen years of age or above the legal age of consent in your jurisdiction to participate. You agree that the contact details and demographic details provided are true and accurate to the best of your knowledge.