Anirudh Tagat

Research Author, Economics

Anirudh has completed his MSc in Economics from the University of Warwick, UK. His research interests lie in intra-household bargaining dynamics, experimental game theory, and cultural analyses of decision-making.


Sumati Thusoo

Research Author, Sociology

Sumati Thusoo has completed her Masters in Women Centred Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. Her past work has focused on the effects of conflict on access and mobility of women, and her thesis looked at the experiences of Kashmiri women with conflict. She is interested in overarching issues pertaining to Gender that intersect with various other discourses.



Sampada Karandikar

Research Assistant, Sr.

Sampada has completed her MSc in Forensic Psychology from University of York, UK. She is currently working as a Junior Research Assistant at Monk Prayogshala. Her research interests lie in forensic psychology, especially in criminal profiling. She is also interested in cognitive, clinical, and social psychology.     


Sharlene Fernandes

Research Assistant, Sr.

Sharlene has completed her BA in Psychology from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai. She also completed her Master's in Psychology (Clinical) from SNDT University. Presently, she is a Teaching Assistant and supervises clinical psychology students at a public hospital in Mumbai. Her research interests lie in the areas of social cognition, psychopathology, personality disorders and subclinical populations.  


Ronak Pol

Research Assistant, Jr.

Ronak has completed his Bsc. Economics and Finance from London School of Economics, UK. His research interest lies at the crossroads of Behavioural economics, Development economics and Data Science. 


Saloni Diwakar

Research Assistant Jr.

Saloni has completed her Masters in I/O Psychology from SNDT Women's University. Her interests lie in Organizational and Social Psychology, specifically in the areas of Leadership, Diversity & Inclusion and Psychometrics. Other areas of interest include Gender and Popular Media. She hopes to continue research in these areas.


Aneree Parekh

Research Assistant, Jr.

Aneree has completed her MSc in Clinical Psychology and Developmental Disorders from the University of York, UK. Her interests lie in cognitive and developmental psychology, implementation research, and the crossroads between data driven research and public policy.



Human Resources Manager

Aishwarya is currently pursuing her BA in Psychology from Amity University. She is currently working  as a Human Resources Manager at Monk Prayogshala. Her interests lie in social psychology and cognitive psychology. 


Daksha Parmani                                                                        

Research Intern

Daksha is currently pursuing her BA in Economics from St. Xavier's college. She is working as a Research Intern for the Department of Sociology at Monk Prayogshala. Her research interests lie in behavioral economics, social psychology, sociology and public policy.