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Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning



What is Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning?

Statistics are widely used in social sciences, business, and daily life. Given the pervasive use of statistics, this workshop aims to train participants in the rationale underlying the use of statistics. This workshop aims to explain when to apply which statistical procedure, the concepts that govern these procedures, common errors when using statistics, and how to get the best analysis out of your data. Research methodology is used a base to explain statistical reasoning. The workshop also familiarizes you with commonly used software for statistical analysis.

Course Summary

The course will take 11 hours to complete, including one contact hour with the course instructor after completing the lectures and quizzes. It includes materials such as comprehensive notes and awards a certificate after course completion. The course is divided into 11 major sections, which include 60 lectures and 21 quizzes. The course not only includes course content, but instructors that are approachable after completing it, who will provide feedback and address your specific needs. You would have access to the complete course for life! You will also receive personalized access to one of our qualified research instructors, to resolve your queries.

Watch a preview of the course here!

Why Do You Need it?

  • Applied statistics are an important part the curriculum at the Undergraduate, Postgraduate, MPhil and PhD levels.

  • Students at all levels require knowledge of research methods and statistics. This course will help make statistics a more approachable subject.

  • As a student and professional, statistics enables you to evaluate, infer, and understand your product, situation, service, or a treatment option.

  • Learning about the errors in statistics will make it easier to interpret statistical literature, research articles, and the claims made on the basis of statistics.

  • The intensive nature of the course ensures that your specific doubts and questions are addressed making it a personalized experience.

What are the Benefits of doing a Digital Course on Research Methodology and Statistical Reasoning?

  • The course uses practical problems and examples from social sciences and daily life to explain the content.

  • The intensive course includes 10 instruction hours with 11 sections, 60 lectures, and 21 quizzes.

  • You have unlimited access to the course, allowing you to pace your own learning.

  • Do you want to save time spent in traveling? The digital course gives you the opportunity to learn anytime and anywhere. You can take the course on your desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

  • If you know a topic well, you can choose to skip the lecture. If you are not completely sure of a topic, you can choose to view the lecture again. Therefore, learning is personalized and oriented towards your needs rather than that of the group.

  • Quiz sections on each topic ensure you have a conceptual understanding of the course content.

  • We do not part ways once you complete the digital lectures. You will be given the opportunity to complete an assignment, which will enable you to apply the workshop content to actual research problems.

  • We also provide you with notes, which can be used as reference during the course.

  • We do not believe in one-way learning. You can interact with the course instructor for 1 hour within a period of 7 days (after completing the course) to resolve any queries and discuss your assignment, based on prior appointment.

  • You will also receive a physical copy of the certificate after completing all quizzes and the assignment.


Undergraduate students, Postgraduate students, MPhil students, PhD students, Professionals or Faculty pursuing research or practice OR Any person with basic understanding and interest in research and statistics.



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